[][src]Function http_guest::select

pub fn select(
    prs: &[&PendingRequest]
) -> Result<(PendingRequest, Response<Vec<u8>>), PendingRequest>

Select from a list of pending requests, blocking until one completes.

If a request succeeds, returns Ok((pending_req, resp)) with the request that succeeded, paired with its response.

If a request fails, returns Err(pending_req) with the request that failed. Future versions of this API will offer more details about why a failure occurred, but the potential reasons are described in the reqwest documentation.

Note: the pending_req value returned in both the success and error case is no longer valid as an argument to wait, poll, or select; it is only returned in order to allow identifying which request succeeded or errored.

All other pending requests passed to this function remain valid for subsequent calls.